Data Collection

How Does Data Direct collect the data?

Data Direct Digital collects data directly from the consumer.

We run brand funded competitions, transactional websites, rewards programs and branded video content across multiple platforms including broadcast TV, online, mobile, social media and on-site activations. We have been running these data collection campaigns in Australia since February 2012.

Once collected, we mine the mass dataset to identify patterns, lifestyle trends and discover new and insightful knowledge, with the aim of helping organisations meet their business and marketing goals.  

How Does Data Direct update the data?

We update the master file monthly and we are constantly running data collection campaigns.

The volume of new records added in each geography monthly traditionally varies from 100-150,000 new records.

This is dependent on the following factors:

  • Number of data collection campaigns.
  • Size of data collection campaigns ie: nationwide, city specific, genre etc.
  • Consumer take up of campaigns.


As well as adding new records to our dataset we also update the personal information of the existing records and append new fields / flags to these records as they are they are collected.

Responsive dates are also updated by analysis of marketing campaigns both internally and via our customers.

In terms of data quality, our entire database is washed monthly against the national Do Not Call register and our emails are washed weekly to ensure optimal delivery rates. Mobile numbers are also pinged prior to client delivery.

We run our addresses monthly against national address registers. For example in Australia we use national Australia Post “change of address” register.