The Consumer Data Experts

Consumer data direct to you. No longer do you have to go through expensive third parties and resellers.Now you can get your opted in consumer data direct from the source. Traditionally we have wholesaled our consumer data into large credit agencies, financial institutions and global data resellers. For the first time we are now offering the same privacy compliant marketing data direct to you.

Flexible Solutions

We are large enough to offer you the reach you need but small enough to offer you the flexibility and customer service you need.

Premium Contact

Our audiences are 100% opted in and are not only extensively profiled but have recently engaged in similar campaigns so you know they are listening.

Privacy Compliance

We manage all facets of privacy and compliance on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best.

Reach Your Target

We only supply you consumers that fit exactly your desired profile. This enables you to not only streamline your approach but also your budget.

Are You Reaching The Most Optimal Audience Possible

Gain more control of your campaigns and their outcomes by being able to control the data.

Convert your customers online traffic to leads and customers more effectively. Find & engage new audiences and prospects with our responsive datasets.

Data Direct is a leading global consumer data agency insights company, offering B2C solutions via our highly segmented and profiled consumer data universe. Data Direct is the leading worldwide supplier of fully compliant opt-in consumer data with over 650 million consumers.

We offer the full spectrum of Consumer Data for all marketing activities to build your brand and take your business to the next level.


Below is an overview of our main consumer dataset. Every record in each datasets has full personal information plus lifestyle and transactional flags.

Privacy Compliance Is Our Passion

Data Direct is the industry leader when it comes to data security & GDPR compliance across Australia, Europe and and South East Asia.

We have a dedicated privacy team who  manages any consumer opt-outs via email, phone for direct mail in real time and instantly removes these people from or database.

Whether you purchase or lease a database from Data Directwe provide regular suppression file updates to ensure that no-one receives communications from you that hasn’t even permission to do so.

All our datasets are  washed monthly against the relevant Do Not Call Register sfor mobile numbers and our email list are washed weekly to ensure optimal delivery rates

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